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Comments from our users:

“(The therapist) connects deeply with all the service users she works with, and builds a strong rapport through the use of music.  We have seen first hand how music therapy can transcend communication barriers.  It is wonderful to see our service users interacting with (the therapist), responding to the music and being given a positive means of expressing themselves”

 Medical Team, Independence Homes Ltd., specialist provision for adults with epilepsy


"L. is now on role at mainstream...from no self-esteem, high anxiety and aggression. A changed boy!"

Teacher, Education Centre


“Music therapy focuses on what my son can do rather than on what he can’t”

 Parent of a child with profound and multiple disabilities


"M. used to cling to Mum, now arrives independently in a taxi and is studying for GCSEs."

Teacher, Education Centre



"I found it fun because I had the chance to play instruments we don’t usually have a chance to play… He (the therapist) made the whole group be together – everyone was equal."

Recollections from a group member


"If he hadn't have come to music therapy, he wouldn't have stayed in school."

Teacher, Education Centre


“It made me enjoy myself and was the first time I responded to someone else since my wife died.”

Member of a group for adults with acquired brain injury.


"I've enjoyed every minute of it.  It's helped me even when I've been feeling really down."

A client who attended a mental health group.


"I knew it was doing me good by how well I felt afterwards"

A client with mental health needs


“It has calmed some pupils and has enabled some to express angry feelings in constructive ways. They have developed a positive relationship with an adult.”

A teacher from a Pupil Referral Unit


“Music therapy – for my daughter’s soul”


“I wasn’t going to come here today…I was going to go to the Doctor’s… but I don’t think I need to go to the Doctor’s now”


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