Music for their Golden Ears - appeal for votes.

Please help us make a difference to dementia sufferers!

Key Changes has received approval from Aviva for it's pilot project to provide Music Therapy for Dementia sufferers. Music lives deep within us all and music therapy makes sense to dementia sufferers in ways that many other inputs no longer can.

£5000 could come its way and provide a 1-year pilot, the evidence from which could pave the way for provision on into the future.

Voting is open NOW - but not for long!

That's all it needs - votes - no money required. That's where Aviva comes in.

So, please vote for this worthwhile project, and get your friends, family and colleagues to do the same... and persuade their friends and family too.

The more votes this project gets, the more funds Aviva will provide. HERE'S THE LINK:

Use email, Facebook, Twitter... anything else you can get your hands on to get the message out there.

Thank you!



 New study shows benefits of music therapy


Key Changes is a registered charity.  Charity number 1124102