Our Services

Our charity has been providing music therapy in Hampshire and neighbouring counties since 2008.

Our services support a wide range of clients from

early years children and young people to adults and older people.

Due to COVID-19, access to our vulerable clients was significantly reduced in March '20 and our in-person work was put on hold. Since September we have worked hard to mitigate virus spread, and our work in schools is resuming. Here is our COVID-safe Statement for clients, carers and parents.  

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Music Therapy is a life-enhancing and positive way to work through social and emotional issues.

Our Mission

Our charity's mission is to provide a comprehensive and highly professional music therapy service to help pre-school children with language delay and behavioural problems to older age people with dementia  and others affected by autism, complex learning issues or anxiety - to cope better with life. 

Emotionally and socially it can bring joy to both their lives and the families that support them.

The benefits of music therapy can include:

​Improved communication and social skills

Increased social participation and engagement

Enhanced self-awareness and improved feelings of self-worth

A more positive attitude to life

Overcoming frustrations and fears

Personal satisfaction and a sense of achievement

Reduced tension and anxiety and less challenging behaviour

An improved quality of life

Our music therapists are registered with the Health Care Professions Council.

"Music therapy focusses on what my son can do...

Rather than what he can't."

Parent of child with multiple disabilities

"We have seen first hand how music therapy can transcend communication barriers."

Medical Team / Independence Homes Ltd - Specialist Provision for Adults with Epilepsy