What your donation will help provide.

Please Support Key Changes

Funds received provide music therapy - a positive, life-enhancing way to work through emotional issues.

This unique, life changing charity relies on your support to keep running to continue its music therapy provision for…

  • Early years children who have special needs, enabling them to access engagement and appropriate schooling,

  • Children whose multiple disabilities or autism restrict their engagement with the world around them

  • Older people affected by dementia, to reconnect them to others and to themselves.


Some examples of how your donation might be used:

£5 donation would provide a small, accessible hand-held percussion instrument such as a double-ended, brightly coloured mini-maracca or egg shaker, providing a voice for a child with multiple disabilities within the group.


£20 donation would provide a 6-note set of pentatonic boomwhackers, for sharing with physically able children such as those on the autistic spectrum, for discovering positive ways of relating.


£40 donation would provide an initial session with a special needs early years child and parent, to assess their motivators, engagement, and the impact of music therapy longer-term.

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