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Our Work With Families

How very young children and their parents can bond through music therapy.

What is Family Music Therapy and Who is it For?  

Music therapy can involve members of the family in sessions for children with a range of needs.  This approach is mainly for families where a child, under 5, has either a learning difficulty, a physical or mental health condition, developmental delay, attachment difficulties or a neuro developmental disorder such as autism or Asperger’s. Invariably, the child’s condition will have a delaying impact on their maturation and development. 


Music therapy with an accompanying parent, family member or carer can often provide a much needed reparative, curative or developmental boost. Siblings may also attend. Families of older children may also benefit from attending music therapy sessions. A few initial sessions are arranged, by way of an assessment, usually 4, from which the therapist will make on-going recommendations. In all cases discussions and regular contact with the music therapist is arranged. 

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