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The Impact Of Music Therapy

Music therapy impacts on listening, connecting with others, relating, initiating ideas and self-confidence

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The Impact Of Music Therapy

Music therapy can improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our community, those who have physical or cognitive disability, emotional distress or mental illness. helping them to communicate, share and improves emotional well-being.

The benefits of music therapy can include:
  • ​Improved communication and social skills

  • Increased social participation and engagement

  • Enhanced self-awareness and improved feelings of self-worth

  • A more positive attitude to life

  • Overcoming frustrations and fears

  • Personal satisfaction and a sense of achievement

  • Reduced tension and anxiety and less challenging behaviour

  • An improved quality of life

The therapist connects deeply with all who are referred to her and builds a strong rapport through the use of music.

It is wonderful to see them interacting with the therapist, responding to the music and being given a positive means of expressing themselves.

We have seen first-hand how music therapy can transcend communication barriers.

Medical Team, Independence Homes Ltd

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