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As an active membership charity, we are always keen to welcome new members with ideas and enthusiasm to advise our Board of Trustees on the direction we are heading, the progress we are making, and how we are facing up to the challenges of the service we deliver. We would love to hear from anyone with an interest in contributing to what we can achieve together.

About Our Membership 

Since 2008, Key Changes has been delivering its highly valued Music Therapy service to vulnerable children and adults  across Hampshire and the south east.

Despite the challenging circumstances for all charitable organisations since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, our Board of Trustees have an optimistic and ambitious vision for how we Survive, Endure and Thrive going forward. A key part of the first steps in achieving the vision is to revive and build our membership to help us:

·       Raise awareness of our work in the community

·       Build on recent successes in raising funds from a broader range of sponsors

·       Develop our service with the needs of our beneficiaries foremost in our minds

·       Support the Trustees to develop a long term future and a robust business and

·       Create a pool of potential future Trustees.

What Benefits Do Members Get

Membership benefits include our regular newsletter mailings, keeping you up to speed on our events such as conferences, annual general meetings and live-streamed fundraising.

How Much Does Membership Cost 

Become A Member

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

To become a member and join the Key Changes community, please complete the form and pay the £5 subscription (to cover scheme administration).

You can contact us via the Key Changes address below, either for an initial chat about the potential mutual benefits of joining us as a member, or indeed just to hear more about the great work done by the team.

Membership Scheme Terms & Conditions


  • Membership applications are subject to approval by the Board of Trustees. Once approved members details will be added to the Key Changes Membership register.

  • Membership requires the payment of a £5 registration fee. For applications which are not accepted, this fee will be returnable. 

  • Members once approved are eligible to take part in the AGM, vote on resolutions, receive newsletters about the Charity.

  • All information collected by Key Changes and relating to its members is “personal data”.

  • Key Changes undertakes to keep personal data secure and only use it for the purpose for which it was collected. It will not be passed on unless that was explicitly part of the reason for collecting it, such as for the purpose of building a distribution list for a planned  event.

  • Key Changes will not issue lists of members' contact details (telephone number and email address) to any of their members. Any such list that is made available should only contain the details of members who have specifically agreed to this.

Importance Of Members to Key Changes 

Governing the charity is its Board of Trustees, committed to supporting the work of the charity and it’s 4 part-time administrative employees.  2 new Patrons have come on board since the Spring, from the worlds of music therapy research, and of opera singing. In early 2021 a new Membership scheme was launched, to help the Board steer the charity forward. The membership was invited to the March ’21 AGM, to endorse the Board’s vision for Key Changes, and to comment on both a re-branding of the logo and on the design of the new website.

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