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Key Changes Music Therapy, Winnall Community Centre,

Garbett Road, Winchester, SO23 ONY

Key Changes is a registered charity.  Charity number 1124102

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Annual Music Therapy Conference

Sat. Nov 23rd, Winchester

Music Therapy - joining the dots

Working in partnerships through

music therapy

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Musicathon success!!

Mike and Nathan and their friends wowed the audience for 24 hours in July through a continuous stream of playing and rehearsing, both as a duo, as pianists, and involving music ensembles from throughout the school. This amazing event not only raised an incredible £2,000 for our work with special needs children at Lanterns Nursery, Winchester, but was Mike and Nathan's 'Swan Song' on leaving Pilgrims School for Winchester College and King Edwards, Southampton, respectively in September.

Some kind parents even sold cakes to boost the funds (and the energies of those playing through the night!)...ZZzzzz


Grateful thanks to all involved.

Key Changes work with special needs nursery age children in Andover and Winchester has been boosted by support from 2 further funders:

Andover Rotary   £500

Baily Thomas Charitable Fund   £3,000.









Photo: music therapy group,

Lanterns Nursery, Winchester

FUNDS are always needed. 

If you are running a concert or other event which could give proceeds to Key Changes, please GET IN TOUCH. 

Thank you.

Music Therapy impact
- reducing isolation for an autistic man.

Matthew and Elliot
Elliot is a young man, 25, diagnosed with severe autism, learning difficulties and complex needs. He is also known to have issues with transitions, communication and anxiety. After moving into a residential care facility in March 2018, Elliot took time to become familiar with his new surroundings and support network, often choosing to isolate himself away in his bedroom.
Having noticed a strong connection to music, Elliot’s mother, Tracey, felt that music therapy could be a suitable outlet for her son. In the referral form, Tracey noted that all six of the listed reasons for referral; communication, emotional, social, attention + awareness, self-expression, creativity; were all important reasons for Elliot to receive music therapy alongside his reluctance to spend time with his family.
I met Elliot at the home in mid-February 2019. He was reluctant to see me and was reportedly anxious prior to my visit. I was introduced to him whilst he sat in his bedroom however, Elliot quickly ushered me out by saying “ok, goodbye then”. This was a pattern that continued for my first eleven visits to the home. It was noted that Elliot had attended guitar lessons before and that he often dismissed the idea of returning to past ventures. This led me to believe that Elliot misunderstood my reason for visiting him. If only I could connect with Elliot, without the preconceived notion being ‘the pressure of playing music’, or our session being ‘a lesson’.
Over time, Elliot then began sitting downstairs in the lounge as I arrived. The support staff and I collaborated in forming an approach for me to enter the lounge without causing anxiety for Elliot. We felt that presenting Elliot with multiple instruments may have been overwhelming. The idea of a familiar staff member entering the lounge carrying one instrument (the glockenspiel), laying it on the table and then leaving, transpired to be an effective means of introducing Elliot to music therapy.
After several moments of Elliot being alone with the glockenspiel, I then entered the space. Previously, Elliot had dismissed my presence entirely, asking me to leave. However, this time, Elliot allowed me to sit with him and we began a dialogue. The topic soon turned to the red glockenspiel resting in front of us. Elliot referred to it as “the ultimate vegetable destroying machine” [pictured] and requested me to play it.
















This led to a long improvisation, centred around the destruction of vegetables. Elliot was expressive with his voice, exploring pitch ranges and tempos. Throughout this exchange, I felt connected to Elliot as we laughed and shared a long-awaited playful exchange.  
This session proved to be a turning point in our relationship. Over time, I gradually included all my available instruments, one by one. More recently, Elliot has welcomed the inclusion of the guitar and has even spent time playing it himself. Elliot now eagerly awaits my visit, greets me with excitement and expresses himself musically. Since this turning point, Elliot has been more welcoming of his family when they visit, often going out for trips and engaging in conversation.