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This popular gig makes a return with a lovely duo of piano and violin, Wednesday July 7th, 7.30pm (before the football!).
Hoping you can join us!


Susannah and Paul have selected a programme that explores North Western Europe's rich diversity of tunes in the folk genre. It ranges from an emerging, vibrant contemporary composition movement in Wales, to unfamiliar Scandinavian material via Scottish and Shetland examples, and then journeys to the Celtic traditions of Ireland, Brittany and Galicia.
An antidote to current circumstances, this 'musicologue' transcends all traffic-lighted travel restrictions!

​These live-streamed events are accessible to all, whether or not you are a User. However, for non-Users, sometimes there are difficulties finding where to donate. If this applies, please use the button on the website footer.

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Our chair, Jim Squire, who featured in our Autumn 2020 edition having joined the Key Changes board in September, will be heading out on the Yorkshire Dales with bravery and characteristic enthusiasm, in late July. 


Jim writes...
It's a privilege for me to be Chair of Key Changes Music Therapy and I'm making my contribution by doing this walk to provide some additional much needed and thoroughly well deserved support to the team in the office and our therapists themselves. Your support will help us enact our very ambitious and challenging plans to grow our services and extend our impact over the next two or three years as we emerge stronger and even more determined to succeed from the COVID crisis.


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Sue Herdman, Inclusion Manager at Lanterns Nursery, Winchester writes...
We feel so lucky to be able to offer music therapy to some of our children.  For children whose communication and social skills are at an early stage of development it provides a joyous way in and a way of promoting the essential building blocks of interaction and communication.  For other children who are still learning about feelings and emotions it is a safe space to explore and learn through their relationship with a trusted adult using music as a means of communication and expression.  The children blossom on their musical journey and we are very grateful.  

Thank you, Sue, for all your support for music therapy at Lanterns. 


Our interns...

We are very excited to introduce our two new interns, from the University of Southampton, who will be working with us for a 6-week period.


Ayushi (bottom, right) is our Website Design, Development & Creation Intern who will be helping develop our new site, coming very soon! Jess (top left) is our On-line Fundraising Strategy & Social Media Marketing Campaign Intern who will be helping develop the charity’s social media and Fundraising.

We are very excited to have them both on the team and look forward to the journey ahead! 

Key Changes Annual Conference

Saturday Nov 27th
Music therapy - Opportunity from CRISIS


More news to follow soon.
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