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Our Services

Discover more about who can benefit from our music therapy services – reaching out to some of the most vulnerable in our communities

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Music Therapy Can Help Children Who Are Affected By:

Autism, Aspergers, ADHD
Attachment issues, developmental disorders, emotional conditions or learning disabilities.

Music Therapy For Adults & Older People

Dementia, anxiety or depression.

Developmental delay, brain injury or multiple disabilities.

Dual diagnosis - learning disability with mental health issues.

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Our Work With Families

Music therapy can involve members of the family in sessions for children with a range of needs.  This approach is mainly for families where a child, under 5, has either a learning difficulty, a physical or mental health condition, developmental delay, attachment difficulties or a neuro developmental disorder such as autism or Asperger’s.

Our Work For Mental Health

Music Therapy can help people with a range of emotional disorders and mental illness and can impact fundamentally on the way people live their lives.

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