Evidence to Support our work at Key Changes

Dementia Assessment Ward:

"Music therapy has been identified as one of the more effective means of non-pharmacological treatments for those with dementia."

(Journal or British Music Therapy, vol. 27 no. 1 2013, Group Music Therapy on a Dementia Assessment Ward:

'An Approach to Evaluation' by Ruth Melhuish




MHA study:

Professor Helen Odell-Miller of Anglia Ruskin University, is leading a study through MHA the initial results of which suggest that music therapy has a dramatic effect on well-being and lessens the incidence of anxiety and challenging behaviours.

According to the trial, the well-being scores of those with dementia doubled in three months and were sustained at five months and even beyond therapy. Negative behaviours, such as anxiety, halved in three months and continued to fall beyond therapy.



Key Changes study:

Key Changes is instigating its own study at Brendoncare, Alton, throughout 2017, through funds provided by Aviva Community,