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What We Do

We provide a professional music therapy service across the community, both within Hampshire and beyond. We work directly with referred clients, of all ages, towards the alleviation of the emotional effects of mental illness, learning disability, social deprivation and developmental delay. We improve awareness of music therapy amongst carers, parents, teachers and other professionals with the aim of enabling those in need of music therapy to benefit from it. We raise funds to enable the provision of music therapy to assist those unable to afford the fees. We ensure clinical practice, assessment and evaluation procedures and any research are evidence-based.

What Is Music Therapy

"The British Association of Music Therapy describes their professional discipline as "an established psychological clinical intervention, delivered by Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered music therapists to help people whose lives have been affected by injury, illness or disability through supporting their psychological, emotional, cognitive, physical, communicative and social needs. Music Therapists draw upon the innate qualities of music to support people of all ages and abilities and at all stages of life; from helping newborn babies develop healthy bonds with their parents, to offering vital, sensitive, and compassionate palliative care at the end of life. Central to how Music Therapy works are the therapeutic relationship that is established and developed, through engagement in live musical interaction and play between a therapist and client. A wide range of musical styles and instruments can be used, including the voice, and the music is often improvised. Using music in this way enables clients to create their own unique musical language in which to explore and connect with the world and express themselves."

What Our Charity Does

Key Changes is a Hampshire-based music therapy service and, from our charity space in Winchester, we deliver a professional service that supports young and old who have developmental, learning, emotional, social and personal issues. Through the innate fascination for music and music-making, we work directly with vulnerable, struggling children and adults, helping them to discover new ways of communicating and to open doors towards experiencing a more fulfilled life. Our music therapists are registered with the HCPC and are supported by the Key Changes' program of Continued Professional Development, including our Annual Conference which is open nationally to therapists and other professionals with an interest in promoting the therapeutic use of music.

What Services We Provide

Our charity has been providing music therapy in Hampshire and neighbouring counties since 2008. We support a wide range of clients from early years children and young people to adults and older people; we work with children, with families, with adults, and in mental health care.

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It's not about the teaching of music... It's the using of music to help people progress in life.

Beccy Read - Coordinator, Key Changes

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