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Unlocking potential through

Music Therapy

Key Changes Music Therapy welcomes you to explore what we offer and how our charity brings positivity through music 

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THANK YOU for your support in Southampton branches - our recent appeal raised £1,000 for our provision for PMLD children at Rosewood School..

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Our Mission

 In line with the Code of Conduct of the British Association for Music

Therapy, our mission is to:

  •  Provide a professional music therapy service across the community, both within Hampshire and beyond.

  • Work directly with referred clients, of all ages, towards the alleviation of the emotional effects of mental illness, learning disability, social deprivation and developmental delay.        

  • Improve awareness of music therapy amongst carers, parents, teachers and other professionals with the aim of enabling those in need of music therapy to benefit from it.

  • Raise funds to enable the provision of music therapy to assist those unable to afford the fees.

  • Ensure clinical practice, assessment and evaluation procedures and any research are evidence-based.










Key Changes will be 15  this year. 

Join our Celebration Concert 

7.30pm Sat. Sept. 30th,

St Paul's Church Winchester

Exciting plans in the pipeline...

Line-up to be announced

In case you missed it...

Annual Conference 2022:

                  Just when we thought it was safe...

Our annual conference was held in November '22, near Winchester. 

Reflecting the rapidly changing times we find ourselves in, we heard from music therapists working in neonatal terminal care, homelessness, biodiversity & PMLD bereavement and we discussed what we needed in order to survive as therapists. 

Our Key Note, presented by Anna Seymour, Professor of Drama Therapy was on: 

Being with Change.

One delegate, on being asked of their expectations for the day, said:

'to hear interesting presentations, reconnect with colleagues, improvise together...'

Have your expectations been met?


For further information on Conference content, please take a look at the



Our Services


Explore how music therapy can help children progress

Adults & Older People

Learn about our Dementia films and the impact of music therapy

Working With Families

Discover why music therapy can benefit families

Better Mental Health 

Learn about ehancing mental health through getting involved

Our Impact

Music therapy focusses on what my son can do... Rather than what he can't.

Parent of child with multiple disabilities

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