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Find out how music therapy has changed people's lives. Here are some testimonials, stories and examples of how we bring benefit to people's lives.

How Music Therapy Has Helped

Music Therapy has helped Alex, who has autism, by encouraging him to build a

relationship with another person - something he finds challenging.

There was, as expected, some initial resistance from Alex to working with the

therapist. He attempted to control the sessions and was reluctant to let the session

finish on time.

With the patience and perseverance of the therapist, trust and rapport was established.

A significant breakthrough was later made in the therapy sessions as Alex

allowed the therapist to make an input to his play, and took the input on board.

This had previously been very difficult for him. He is now able to accept input from

others at home and school.


The dialogue created through music has been immensely beneficial to Alex.

Alex's Mum

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